How To Choose A Qualified Law Firm That Answers Your Expectations

According to what criteria can you choose a law firm? You need a solicitor or attorney services to settle issues in different fields, but question yourself of how to find the right one in the middle of hundreds of professionals.

Generalist of specialist, that is the question

It is important to know that lawyers are organized into two groups, generalists and specialists. The generalists practice indifferently different subjects but over time they acquire logically some expertise in a or two matters.

If your case is complex or if the stakes are important, you have every interest in taking contact with a lawyer specialized in law social. What is often overlooked is that lawyers may have a specialization of right or in fact. What we can call the specialization of right is, for its part, subject to obtaining certificate of specialization: the lawyer must justify at least four years of practice in the subject of which he wishes to obtain the specialization, in this case in social law, and succeed in a test of knowledge control.

In addition, specialist lawyers have an obligation to provide continuous specialty. In this case, you can consult the directory and do a search by criterion, selecting the specialization in social law.

But in practice, many lawyers are specialists in social law, because this matter is their main activity, even if they have not necessarily obtained the certificate. So the criterion of recognized specialization a certificate is certainly a guarantee of quality.

But it’s not enough to choose a lawyer because it excludes competent lawyers who have not never passed this certificate.

Reputation is the key

The importance of qualification of specialists cannot be underestimated while choosing the law firm

Reputation, or word of mouth, remains criteria classics, as in all professions. A lawyer can be recommended by a colleague or acquaintance, it’s reassuring but that does not guarantee that he is the lawyer you need.

So here is some advice on the steps you can take:

  1. To check for example of the company’s cases, you can consult the case law on specialized site while indicating the law firm’s name. You will see as well how some important business cases were handled.
  2. You can also contact professional associations to tell you the name of a lawyer or a law company. Lawyer networks are also a good way to list the lawyers you are interested in. They bring together lawyers and law companies around the issues of business in general and social law in particular.
  3. By the way, you can get an idea thanks to the training done by the lawyers themselves. When you offer an upgrade on a hot topic online, you have the opportunity to appreciate the clarity of remarks. It’s a good way to evaluate if you are on the same wavelength and to project yourself into a working relationship with this lawyer, attorney or solicitor.
  4. Finally, you can try finding their writings, because many lawyers are known through publications in different media or by feeding a blog.

What are customers waiting from their lawyers?

The lawyers often have a role of coach in the process of the company, from one point of view at a time legal but also strategic. They must be proactive and anticipate legislative changes .

As the role of the lawyer has evolved a lot these last years, it is not simply a litigant but a partner of the company or private person.

The customers also expect a lot of lawyers to do legal watch work so that the company does not miss any legislative or jurisprudential changes. Lawyers draw your attention to certain topics that should not be overlooked. And their mission goes beyond the legal realm of follow-up action some people in trouble in the business. This is the important responsibility of specialists.

Because social law has never has been simplified, its incessant modifications, even contradictory and its appearance require special guidance and follow-up to accompany clients. He forced to a great legal rigor, to a watch permanent, especially during change of majority and difficulties economic conditions, while at the same time clear advice to the decision.

In this context, living and complex, the qualified specialist offers its clients regular meetings on topical topics to offer them an updated, practical and transversal vision of social right.